Greetings from Mr. and Mrs. McHenry

The photo gallery is currently down as a result of a recent server move. It will be back up later.

Curious minds may also be interested in the full length text of the ceremony.

A Special Thanks To...

  • our parents, Steve & Marjorie McHenry and Rey & Faith Mishina. Their love and support helped us realize our plans for the wedding; from setting up the chairs at the ceremony to hand-tying bows for the programs, they were there for all things big and small, and we are immensely grateful to have them in our lives.
  • Rachel, for being there with Jenn the morning of the wedding and reading at our ceremony.
  • David McHenry and Ione Haugh, for being the witnesses on our marriage license.
  • everyone who attended and made our wedding unforgettable! You made us smile and laugh; we were so glad you made the journey to celebrate this happy day with us.
  • those who could not attend, but sent us their best wishes. We cherished your words and kept them in our thoughts. Check out the photos from the wedding to see what you missed!

Coming Soon!

Video of the Wedding Ceremony. Jenn is currently experiencing technical difficulties with her computer, but as soon as Windows Service Pack 3 ceases to wreak havoc with her machine, she will cut a copy of the wedding ceremony from the mini-DV tape.

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